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Battery Jump Start

Professional battery jump start services

It has been often said that God is in the details. That is also the case with cars and car batteries. It does not matter if you have just bought the newest make and model, it does not matter if you have the best and most luxurious car out there, your car is still susceptible to car battery trouble. Even the strongest of cars will not be able to start with a dead battery. However, and unfortunately, batteries do die, and when they do – your entire day usually goes south. That is, until you contact a professional, reliable, and licensed service provider, such as Supreme Towing.

When you can not start your car and you suspect that the cause is a dead, or near to dead, car battery, you would be better off calling the professionals. When you contact our 24/7 available call center, a team will immediately hit the road. As soon as they get to your whereabouts, they will get to business. First, they will verify that your car battery is indeed the cause for your car trouble. Sometimes, other malfunctions can occur that warrant a whole different treatment. If your battery is indeed what causes the trouble, they will try to jumpstart it, if it has any juice left in it. Otherwise, they will offer a brand new car battery in its stead. This way, you will be able to get back in your car and on the road in no time.

Battery jump start services – advantages and disadvantages


  • Licensed technicians that deliver a reliable and professional solution
  • A trained mechanic that can solve any other car trouble you may be experiencing
  • A safe and thorough execution
  • Getting to stay in the shade while someone else takes care of business


  • The need to wait for a crew to arrive
  • Having to pay for the service

That is pretty much it. In most cases it is absolutely better to have a professional do the job for you and make sure your car is safe to drive again.

Bottom line – when dealing with problematic car batteries, whether completely dead or near to dead, you would be better off calling an expert service provider on site in order to make sure that all of your car troubles are professionally dealt with.

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